J2x MKIII Roadster

Rarely Seen. Never Forgotten.



The Allard Motor Works J2X® MkIII is a contemporary, artisanal adaptation of the renowned British racing roadster that captivated audiences in Europe and North America during the early 1950s. This contemporary model merges the latest technological advancements with the same classic design, resulting in a more secure, comfortable, and dependable vehicle than its predecessor, all while retaining its outstanding performance.

Allard Motor Works is reintroducing this limited production roadster for aficionados of classic and vintage cars, as well as collectors. Allard Motor Works has pledged to maintain the legacy of this classic vehicle by manufacturing no more than 100 new J2Xs® annually, catering to sports car enthusiasts from all over the world.

Standard Features

V8 Engine
• GM RamJet 350 EFI - 350 hp / 400 lb-ft

• Tremec TKO 5-speed manual with overdrive
Exhaust System
• dual exhaust sidepipes

• front : independent unequal length wishbones
• rear : independent, coil-over with 9” centre section
• 6-position adjustable coil-over billet aluminium shocks

• powder-coated tubular steel
• integrated towing/tie-down rings

• front : 12“ 4-piston vented discs (Wilwood)
• rear : 12” 4-piston vented discs - inboard
• centre console hand brake

• rack and pinion
• collapsible steering column
• Moto-Lita classic steering wheel - mahogany

• 12V heavy duty battery
• halogen high-intensity headlights
• 2 auxiliary 12v power sources and a USB port
• ‘Allard’ 5-inch speedometer and tachometer
• oil, water, fuel gauges, ampmeter, clock
• LED brake lights, turn signals, backup lights
• dash mounted starter
• heater

• full-width windshield & wipers
• Brooklands if desired

• hand-laid cured composite
• metal alloy louvered hood
• ‘show quality’ basecoat-clearcoat
Upholstery & extras
• adjustable leather seats and leather door side-panels
• side-panel storage compartments
• all-weather carpeting (cockpit and trunk)
• split tonneau cover (colour-matched)
• cockpit ‘drop-bag’ behind seats
• machine-turned aluminium dash
• engraved Monza-style fuel cap
• external roll bars (single or double)
• 3-point seat belts
• 72-spoke stainless steel Dayton wire wheels
• ‘Allard’ engraved 2-eared centre locking knock offs

Other Options
• California emission-compliant V8s
• twin tail pipe exhaust
• ‘Muirhead’ leather
• air conditioner
• audio module
• 4 or 5-point seat belts
In development
• MOPAR package
• full-width windshield with wipers
• lightweight removable rigid top
• right-hand drive

What a body

Car bodies have an aesthetic, a functional, a practical and a sensorial role to play in any vehicle. 

In the case of the Allard J2X® MkIII, the body is an amalgam of all of these, but with a particular emphasis on the senses. We care about the comfort of the car, the sound of the body and the quality of the finish. We like that ‘tight’ feeling, no rattles. We like a door that closes with the sound of a heavy door, not a locker door. We like a cockpit that is cool and snug, not a sauna.

That is why we have made judicious choices of materials to achieve these ends. We use metal alloy for the hood. This allows us to have 52 perfectly formed louvers. The gap size is constant because we have bonded a composite yoke to the inside that maintains the shape of the hood irrespective of the heat generated by the engine or the vibration of the road surface. The body and firewall are made of an aircraft-quality composite that reduces the transfer of heat into the cockpit and eliminates body rattles. The cockpit floor is steel, bolted to the chassis on rubber insulators to keep things snug. 

The main body sections are a high quality hand-layered composite, or carbon fibre, of varying thickness to meet structural and functional requirements, as well as to reduce weight. Our J2X® MkIII bodies never see mechanical sanders, as each panel is hand-sanded to optimize the show-quality finish.  The final coat of paint is protected with two coats of clear.

The chassis is tubular steel, both square and round, depending on functionality. The chassis is an engineered unit that favors rigidity and lightness through cleaver triangulation. A number of safety features are an integral part of the chassis: double roll bars in the cowling, double roll bars over the 25-gallon fuel tank located behind the passenger seats, impact bars in the doors and two seamless dome-35 steel (FIA-approved) roll bars that are gusseted into the chassis. This provides a full perimeter of protection for the occupants. Steel floor, steel sleeve over the drive shaft and heavy metal yokes over the drive shaft universal joints provide additional protection. The fuel tank is stainless steel with a submersed fuel pump to ensure reliability even when the J2X® MkIII is taken out of long-term storage. Baffles are integrated inside the tank to eliminate fuel displacement when high g-forces are at play.

The Allard J2X® MkIII’s front aluminum grill is protected by a tubular steel bumper that, like the rear ‘nerf bars’, has a 5-mph impact resistance.


  • Designed and validated before the integration of all components and options
  • high level of strength on all axis
  • Laser cuts specified to a high degree of accuracy and fit
  • Formed to ensure consistency, repeatability and adherence to specs
  • designed to handle extreme torque loads
  • ensures good body fit


  • larger and longer cockpit
  • adjustable seats
  • wider footbox
  • line of vision is the same for short or tall
  • large trunk to accommodate two golf bags or 3 ‘carry-on’ travel bags


  • light chassis
  • able to take abnormally high torque loads
  • able to take up to 11” rear tires
  • good turning radius
  • easy accommodation of various drivetrain options
  • low center of gravity


  • two roll bars integrated into the body
  • lateral crash protection
  • drive shaft failure protection
  • integrated crumple zones
  • fuel tank protection
  • strong base for external roll bars
  • reenforced door structure & lateral impact bars create a perimeter of protection
  • low centre of gravity


The new Allard J2X® MkIII is tailored to the owner’s preference and driving style. If cruising through the Smokey Mountains is your thing, we’ve got the right combination for you. If, on the other hand, you want to flex your muscles at the track, again, we’ll tailor your J2X® MkIII to meet your expectations – all with emissions compliant drivetrains.


The most versatile 5-speed around


Far and away the most versatile 5-speed on the market, the TKO offers an impressive array of flexibility features – including multiple shifter locations, mounting configurations, gearing options, and speedometer pickups (electric and mechanical).

Serving up 600 lb-ft of torque capacity, along with confidence-inspiring shifts and fuel-saving overdrive, the TKO offers an ideal blend of brute strength and street manners – which may be why it’s the manual transmission behind more boulevard-bruising street machines and sportsman race victories than all of it’s competitors combined.

  • 5-speed, top-loader
  • overdrive – for fuel economy
  • fully synchronized
  • competition grade
  • high strength aluminium housing
  • high torque capacity (500 ft/lbs)





With its 12” cross-drilled disk brakes located next to the differential, the reduction of unsprung weight on the rear wheels provides a smoother ride and minimal loss of traction on uneven surfaces. The front and rear independent suspensions can be adjusted to the driving task at hand with four fully-adjustable coil-over billet aluminium gas shocks. The front suspension consists of tubular upper and lower heavy-wall seamless steel unequal A-arms with fully-adjustable caster and camber. Similar to the back, braking is handled with 12” 4-piston Wilwood disc brakes. Steering is done through a rack & pinion unit.



• Wheel base : 106 inches - 269 cm
• Track : 58 inches - 147 cm
• Length : 171 inches - 424 cm
• Width : 67 inches - 170 cm
• Height : 44 inches - 112 cm
• Ground clearance : 6 inches - 15 cm
• Curb weight: 2,570 pounds - 1247 kg
• Weight distribution : 50% front, 50% rear