Located in Jupiter, Florida, AA is the exclusive ALLARD MOTOR WORKS (AMW) dealer in the United States. The AMW J2X® is a personalised handcrafted automobile with a build time of approximately six months. The AMW factory is located in Montreal, Canada. Under the US Department of Transport’s recent ‘low-volume replica manufacturer’s law, all AMW J2X®s meet the NHSTA and EPA requirements. The vehicle’s structural and drivetrain components are chosen for their reliability, safety and agility. To personalise your new roadster, AMW offers a number of high-quality trim choices, accessories and options that provide the new owner with an unmatched exclusive and unique ownership experience.

Replicating the legendary 1951-54 British Allard J2X, AMW’s modern J2X® carries much of the original builder and racer’s DNA. Sydney Allard, a consummate racer with an impressive track record, would have been proud to see the modern version of his creation in the hands of a growing number of sports car aficionados worldwide.


Domenic Papa

Domenic W Papa [Dom] is a consummate car guy. It’s part of his DNA. Dom has been in the automotive business for over 50 years. His early start began by washing cars, then progressing through the parts department, the body shop, the sales department to ultimately reaching the summit as President of Papa’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealership. Dom grew his business and his reputation as one of New England’s largest dealers through hard work, treating customers and employees with respect and committed to being the ‘best of the best’.

In 2021, Dom sold the family business and retired with his wife, Emily and the children, to Florida. Today, as President of his new company, Allard America LLC, he is the exclusive US distributor of the Allard Motor Works J2X® Mark III. Dom is excited to represent the marque and looks forward to helping aficionados in fifty states realise their dream to own an AMW J2X®.

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